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Streetblimps is an independent outdoor – solutions alternative advertising media vendor – with highly innovative formats specializing in the areas of; Mobile Billboards, Street Decals, Digital Projection Media, Power Washing, Brand Ambassadors, Ad Balloons, Vehicle Wrapping, 3-d Chalk Art and Inventive Executions. Through creative marketing strategies and resourceful design, SB provides clients with unique out of home media solutions.

Streetblimps unparalleled quality inventory reflects the caliber in which we do business. We own and operate our own top of line media platforms and offer a state of the art digital printing and graphic design facility in our headquarters. We strive for excellence, generating the highest quality outdoor graphics and impeccable execution from start to finish. We aim to maintain the highest standard of professionalism allowing SB to guarantee efficiency throughout the entire process, ensuring our clients always have quick turnaround, and competitive pricing.

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